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Comprehensive, cheap mobile phone insurance with unlimited claims in Ireland

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Forbes Advisor BEST Mobile Phone Insurance 2021

Cheap and reliable mobile phone insurance with unlimited claims

Forbes Advisor BEST Mobile Phone Insurance 2021


Mobile Phone Insurance

Cheap phone insurance for Ireland

with unlimited claims

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14-day money back guarantee

No minimum contract

Over 1 million devices insured

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What is cheap mobile phone insurance?

When it comes to our insurance products, cheap mobile phone insurance is a comprehensive yet well thought out insurance product for your phone. From iPhone insurance, Google Pixel and Samsung, right through to some of the more niche brands such as Oppo and Xiaomi. Our team spends a lot of time and energy refining our phone insurance products down to ensure they’re not only affordable, but also provide the protection and cover our customers desire for their phones with no unnecessary frills or add-ons to make sure they’re cost-effective and easy to understand and use, from getting a quote to making a claim.


So if you’re looking for affordable mobile phone insurance in Ireland, you’ve come to the right place. Here at Mobile Phone Insurance Direct, we understand the importance of protecting your precious device without breaking the bank, and specialise in cheap mobile phone insurance that saves you money whilst providing great cover too.

Our phone insurance includes

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Instant phone protection

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Who are Mobile Phone Insurance Direct?

At Mobile Phone Insurance Direct, we are committed to providing the best protection for your beloved device, at an affordable price. No matter what your make or model, our comprehensive policies can cover your phone if it gets stolen, damaged or lost.  Let’s get straight to the point – we offer multiple packages, with theft and loss as optional extras. Unlike other mobile phone insurers in the Irish market, we don’t think it’s necessary to overload you with tons of jargon or additional costs.

We provide products to protect all major brands including iPhone insurance, Google Pixel insurance and Samsung Phone insurance along with many more manufacturers, our quote process is quick and easy meaning you can get a final quote price in less than 20 seconds using our simple mobile phone insurance quote system. Once you have bought phone insurance with us our team is on hand to assist you, and our claims process is quick and easy.

We’re proud to say our customers recommend us time and time again. If you have any further questions you can contact our team.

Mobile Phone Insurance




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How much does mobile phone insurance cost?

With so many mobile phones on the market, and new ones being released regularly the price of mobile phone insurance changes often. However, we can give you a guide to some of the main phones on the market right now and how much it costs to buy mobile phone insurance with us.

Before we get into the prices some top tips would be:

– Paying annually tends to be cheaper than paying for insurance monthly, so you can save money by opting for an annual payment.

– It’s also worth considering what you need from your insurance policy, for example if you’re the sort of person that never loses anything (if that is you, well done!) then you may not need to include loss cover on your policy, our Essential and Plus packages cater for this and can save you money. So ensure you look into what each package includes and get the one that suits your needs.

The table below gives an outline of pricing from some of the most popular phones on the market. This is based on our Plus package.

iPhone 14 128GB€69.90€6.99
iPhone 14 Pro 128GB€111.90€11.19
Galaxy S23 128GB€84.90€8.49
Galaxy Z Flip4 128GB€108.90€10.89
Pixel 7 128GB€66.90€6.69
Pixel 6€62.50€6.25

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Mobile Phone Insurance from MPID Ireland

Mobile Phone Insurance Direct provides affordable and comprehensive mobile phone insurance for all major brands and models in Ireland. Our policies cover damage, theft, and loss with unlimited claims and no minimum contract. We offer 14-day money back guarantees so you can try risk-free.

With award-winning customer service and instant protection when you sign up, we make it quick and easy to insure your device. Our quote process takes less than 20 seconds.

We understand the importance of balancing great coverage with affordable pricing. Our team works hard to refine our products, removing unnecessary frills to keep costs low without sacrificing protection.

Policies start from as low as €3.49 per month. Specific pricing depends on the make, model, and options chosen but our instant quote tool allows you to easily view quotes tailored to your device. Annual payments are cheaper than paying monthly. Consider what coverage you need – our Essential and Plus packages allow you to skip loss protection for additional savings.

At Mobile Phone Insurance Direct, we specialise in value-focused mobile phone insurance suited to Irish consumers. With over 1 million devices insured and counting, we have a proven track record. Contact us if you have any other questions.

iPhone Insurance from MPID Ireland

We also offer feature-packed yet budget-friendly iPhone insurance tailored to your coverage needs. With unlimited claims allowed, rest easy knowing your iPhone is protected no matter what happens. Our expert repair team exclusively utilises Apple’s genuine parts to fix your phone, keeping it in pristine condition. As an award-winning insurer with superb customer service, you can trust us to take care of you.

Our iPhone plans provide essential protection at reasonable prices. By optimizing our products and operations, we deliver robust coverage without extra fees. All policies include accidental damage, liquid damage, cracked screens, mechanical issues – everything an iPhone might encounter. We support all models too, from the iPhone 15 Pro Max and 13 Series to the iPhone 8 and earlier.

With rising iPhone repair costs, protection is more crucial than ever these days. If anything happens to your expensive iPhone, repairs or replacement can seriously dent your wallet. When evaluating providers, Mobile Phone Insurance Direct shines for affordable, comprehensive iPhone insurance that puts your mind at ease. Get a free iphone insurance quote now and cover your prized iPhone investment with complete peace of mind.

Our phone insurance explained

No matter how careful we are with our phones, they have a tendency to come into misfortune sooner or later. Whether we smash the phone screen, drop it in water, or leave it on the train, it’s always an unwelcome surprise. These are just some of the most common claims regarding phone insurance.

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Absolutely! Mobile Phone Insurance Direct is a dedicated provider that specialises in offering direct insurance policies for mobile phones and tablets, directly to you, the consumer. As part of Pier Insurance Managed Services Ltd, located at Evolution House, New Garrison Road, Shoeburyness, Essex, SS3 9BF, we adhere to the regulations laid out by by the Financial Conduct Authority and are authorized and regulated by them (FCA registration no. 31179).

Furthermore, we are proud to have earned an Excellent rating on Trustpilot, showcasing our commitment to customer satisfaction. Countless customers have already placed their trust in us and have expressed their satisfaction with our services. We strive to maintain this level of excellence and ensure your peace of mind when choosing Mobile Phone Insurance Direct.

For policies prior to 1st February 2023

This insurance is arranged by AGS Pier GmbH, with a registered office at Hohe Bleichen 8, 20354 Hamburg, Germany. AGS Pier GmbH is a Registered Intermediary, an insurance agent with authorisation according to § 34 d para. 1 GewO (German Trade Regulation) with registration number: D-DWGU-041S5-44.

This policy is underwritten by Inter Partner Assistance SA (IPA) which is fully owned by the AXA Partners Group.

For new policies and renewals after 1st February 2023

This insurance is arranged by AGS Pier GmbH, with a registered office at Hohe Bleichen 8, 20354 Hamburg, Germany. AGS Pier GmbH is a Registered Intermediary, an insurance agent with authorisation according to § 34 d para. 1 GewO (German Trade Regulation) with registration number: D-DWGU-041S5-44.

This policy is underwritten by Collinson Insurance Europe Limited, regulated and authorised by the Malta Financial Services Authority, with a registration number C8997 and registered office at Third Floor, Development House, St. Anne Street, Floriana, FRN 9010, Malta.

Your policy is administered by AGS Pier GmbH (UK Branch).

Our insurance policies are designed for the savvy owners of mobile phones or gadgets that want great cover for their devices at affordable prices, we provide well thought out insurance policies that come from a long history of telecoms and gadget insurance knowledge put together by a team of industry professionals who genuinely care about customers and their devices.

Whilst every care is taken to ensure that our list is complete and up to date, the mobile phone and gadget market changes quickly. Please contact us to give us the details of your mobile phone, and we will confirm if it is a model we can cover, we're always happy to help!