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Last modified: 4th December 2023
Last modified: 4th December 2023

What Gadgets do we insure?

We provide comprehensive insurance for smart watchestablets and mobile phones.

What Does Gadget Insurance Cover?

In today’s fast-paced world, our gadgets are more than just devices; they’re essential companions in our daily adventures. But what happens when the unexpected strikes? That’s where our gadget insurance comes into play. Here’s a snapshot of the peace of mind we offer:
1. Accidental Damage: Life is full of surprises, but our coverage ensures that accidental drops or unforeseen events won’t leave you disconnected. Whether it’s a shattered screen or a more complex internal issue, we’ve got you covered.

2. Liquid Damage: Spills happen, but they shouldn’t spell the end for your device. Our policy covers damage caused by unexpected encounters with liquids.

3. Breakdown: If your gadget decides to take an unscheduled break after the manufacturer’s warranty has expired, don’t worry. Our breakdown coverage steps in when your warranty steps out.

4. Cracked Screens: The world isn’t always kind to your gadget’s screen. We ensure that a cracked screen doesn’t mean a cracked relationship with your device.

5. Theft (Plus and Premium Only): In the unfortunate event that your gadget is stolen, rest easy knowing we’re here to help.

6. Airtime Abuse (Plus and Premium Only): If your device is used for unauthorized calls after it’s stolen, we’ll cover the costs, keeping your bill safe from unexpected surprises.

7. Accidental Loss (Premium Only): Sometimes gadgets have a mind of their own and go missing. If you’ve taken all reasonable precautions and still can’t find your device, our accidental loss coverage is your safety net.

8. Accessories Cover: Because we know it’s not just about the gadget – the accessories matter too.
Keep in mind, terms and conditions apply to all coverages, ensuring we provide the best fit for your needs.
Exclusions to Remember: While we aim to cover you in most situations, there are exclusions. These include claims during the first fourteen days of your policy, repairs by unauthorised centres, wear and tear, and when reasonable precautions aren’t taken. For the full list of what’s not covered, refer to our policy documentation.
Our gadget insurance is designed to give you peace of mind, knowing that we’ve got your back, no matter what life throws your way. With coverage options tailored to meet a range of needs, we ensure your digital life remains uninterrupted.

Compare Coverage Options and Exclusions

When choosing a gadget insurance policy, it’s crucial to compare the coverage options and exclusions offered by different providers. Look for policies that offer comprehensive coverage for a wide range of risks, including accidental damage, theft, and loss. Pay attention to any exclusions or limitations in the policy, such as exclusions for water damage or coverage limits for high-value items. By comparing the coverage options and exclusions, you can ensure that you choose a policy that meets your specific needs and provides adequate protection for your valuable gadgets. At MPID we pride ourselves in well considered and comprehensive gadget insurance products that give our customers great value for money, get a quote to select the package that bests suits you.

Assess Your Insurance Needs and Priorities

Before choosing a gadget insurance policy, it’s important to assess your needs and priorities. Consider factors such as the value of your gagdets, the likelihood of damage or loss, and your budget. Think about what coverage options are most important to you, whether it’s accidental damage, theft, or loss. Additionally, consider any specific requirements you may have, such as coverage for international travel or coverage for specific types of gadgets. By understanding your needs and priorities, you can make a more informed decision when selecting a gadget insurance policy.

Claim Experts

Guides to help repair your device.

All round protection

We offer 3 levels of cover

NO minimum contract

With our cover there is no contract length of time.

Covered if used by loved ones

You can cover up to 10 gadgets, including your family’s beloved items.

Why Get Insurance for Your Gadgets?

Insurance for your gadgets offers you peace of mind. It’s like having a safety net for your digital life. Accidents happen, and when they do, you’ll be thankful you’re covered. But it’s not just about accidental damage; insurance can also cover theft and mechanical breakdowns. So, is the peace of mind worth the investment? We think so.

Let’s face it, smartwatches and tablets don’t come cheap. Replacing them out-of-pocket can be a financial setback. And it’s not just about the money; think about the valuable data you could lose. Photos, contacts, and important documents—gone in an instant. Can you afford to take that risk?

30 Years Experience in the Mobile Phone & Gadget Insurance Market

What is included with gadget insurance?

At MPID, we know that everyone uses their gadgets for different reasons, which is why we’ve catered our policies to suit you and yourgadgets. We have three different levels of gadget Insurance, with varying options of cover, all of which include mechanical breakdown, accidental damage, liquid and screen damage.

What do we cover with our gadget insurance?

We offer multiple insurance packages specifically set up to cater for your gadgets.


Yes, but all gadgets must be purchased from a VAT registered UK supplier within the last 36 months (from the policy start date). This must be supported by a valid proof of purchase document.

Yes as long as the company is VAT registered we can insure your gadget, other conditions may apply such as age.

Mobile Phone Insurance Direct insurance will only cover your mobile phone or gadget, not the contents. Your pictures, apps, music and downloads should be backed up regularly by the owner to ensure minimal data loss if the device is lost, damaged or stolen.

Your gadget is only covered for damage if it stops your gadget from functioning normally. We will cover cracked screens, but scratches, dents, and normal day-to-day wear and tear do not qualify for repair or replacement.

You can notify us of your gadget claim by visiting our claims page and following the instructions there.

You will need to check your gadget insurance policy details, but we now provide cover for unlimited claims for loss, theft and damage during each 12-month calendar period of your policy.

Our goal is to ensure that your gadget is repaired to the highest possible standard, which is why we will not reimburse you for any repairs you do yourself. We only use our specialised and approved repairers who can confidently assess the damage to your device. This helps us to decide whether to repair or replace the gadget.

You must meet two requirements to get a gadget insurance policy: you must be a Irish resident who is at least 18 years old. However, if you are under 18 years old, a family member who consents to the policy can obtain it on your behalf.

Acceptable proof of ownership includes a till receipt or documentation from any online purchase or from your network provider. We may decline your claim if you do not have any proof of ownership.

If your gadget has vanished without a trace, our loss cover will make sure you’re not left out of pocket. At Mobile Phone Insurance Direct, we include loss as standard in our insurance packages.

Our specific policy wording states "Loss means that you are unable to account for your gadget whereabouts and are permanently deprived of its use after reasonable precautions have been taken to protect it and it has not been left unattended".

The cover of your gadget will apply to you as the person who purchased the policy and your immediate family. This includes your mother, father, son, daughter, husband, wife, partner, brother, sister, grandparent or grandchild that permanently live at your given address. It is possible for parents to insure their children’s gadget on their behalf.

Yes – Mobile Phone Insurance Direct will insure your phone for its market price. Even if you buy it with a discount from your network provider, we’ll still replace it with an identical or similar model.

You may cancel your policy at any time by visiting this page. It may be worth contacting us by dropping us a direct message or call to see if there's anything we can do to assist before you cancel.