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Introducing the ultimate peace of mind for iPhone 11 Pro owners – our comprehensive insurance coverage. Protect your prized possession with the assurance that comes from partnering with the most trusted name in the industry. Our tailored iPhone insurance policies offer unrivaled protection against accidental damage, theft, and even loss, ensuring that you can enjoy your cutting-edge device without worry. With our swift and hassle-free claims process, you’ll be back up and running in no time. Say goodbye to sleepless nights and hello to a worry-free iPhone experience with our top-tier insurance coverage, brought to you by the experts in mobile device protection. Don’t let unexpected mishaps ruin your iPhone 11 Pro experience – safeguard your investment today!

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We offer 3 levels of cover

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With our cover there is no contract length of time.

Covered if used by loved ones

You can cover up to 10 gadgets, including your family’s beloved items.

What do we cover with our iPhone 11 Pro insurance?

We offer multiple insurance packages specifically set up to cater for your iPhone 11 Pro needs.


Yes you can, but all phones we insure must be purchased from a VAT registered IE supplier within the last 36 months (from the policy start date). This must be supported by a valid proof of purchase document.

iPhone excesses range from €65 to €175 depending on the model and circumstance. You can check specific prices in our policy excess table.

Both iPhone insurance and AppleCare+ can offer protection for your iPhone, but they have some differences in coverage and cost. iPhone insurance tends to provide better cover for your phone and can include damage, theft, loss, and malfunctions that are not covered by the manufacturer's warranty. Some insurance plans may also cover damage caused by water or other liquids, which is not covered by AppleCare. The main advantage of iPhone insurance is that it provides comprehensive coverage for a wider range of issues, while AppleCare only covers a limited range of issues related to hardware defects and malfunctions. It's worth doing the comparisons for yourself, generally speaking we'd say if you tend to be accident-prone or frequently lose your phone, iPhone insurance may be a better choice, and if you are more concerned with hardware defects and technical support, then AppleCare+ may be a better fit for you.

All depends what level of cover you go for. We have 3 levels of cover, which you can choose when you get a quote and see the specifics. They can include:

Loss, theft, accidental damage, unauthorised calls, accessory cover, worldwide cover, mechanical breakdown, cracked screen, liquid damage, and unlimited claims.