Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Insurance

Cheap Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra mobile phone insurance with unlimited claims, from an award winning provider.

Cheap and reliable mobile phone insurance with unlimited claims

Galaxy S22 Ultra Insurance Quote

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What does Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Insurance include?

Our comprehensive Samsung phone insurance policies can provide insurance coverage for loss, theft, accidental damage, unauthorised calls, accessory cover up to €150, worldwide cover, mechanical breakdown, cracked screen, liquid damage, and unlimited claims per year.

With our Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Insurance, you can not only be covered if you use the device yourself, but also if it is used by your loved ones. And with no minimum contract, you have the flexibility to cancel or modify your policy at any time. In the event of any issues with your Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, you can also take advantage of our 12-month warranty on repairs. And with over 1 million gadgets insured, you can trust that you are in good hands with Mobile Phone Insurance Direct.


Replacing an Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra can cost a fortune, with prices starting at € 1,100 for the 128gb version, € 1,179for the 256gb version and €1,259 for the 512gb version. But with our affordable Samsung Insurance, you can get coverage from as little as €12.37 per month when paying annually. Don’t leave your new Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra unprotected – get comprehensive Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Insurance from Mobile Phone Insurance Direct today.

*Details and pricing correct at time of writing 07/06/2023.

Do I need phone insurance for an Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra?

If you’re wondering whether or not you need phone insurance for your new Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, the answer is simple – yes! Accidents can happen at any time, and the cost of replacing or repairing a device like the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra can be significant. Without insurance, you could end up paying a large sum of money out of your own pocket. With Mobile Phone Insurance Direct, you can protect your investment and have peace of mind knowing that you’re covered for a variety of potential incidents.


Whether it’s accidental damage, loss, theft or unauthorised calls, our Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Insurance policies provide comprehensive coverage, so you can relax and enjoy your new phone with confidence.

Security features and settings for the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

At Mobile Phone Insurance Direct not only do we provide great insurance for your phone; we also want to help keep you informed so you can keep your device as secure as possible. We consulted our resident phone experts at Mobile Phone Insurance Direct for their top tips and recommendations on protecting your Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra from theft and loss. Thankfully, Samsung has included some excellent features to help keep you safe.

1.) Samsung Knox Vault security platform: It includes a secure processor and memory to isolate sensitive data such as passwords, biometrics, and Blockchain keys from the main operating system.

2.) One UI’s privacy features: These features include Permission Usage and Mic/Cam sensor Indicator, which allow users to easily monitor and control app access to their data and camera.

3.) ARM micro architecture: This new security feature helps prevent cyberattacks targeting the operating system and memory.

How much does Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra insurance cost?

For an Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra our insurance costs from €11.74* a month with an annual essential package

*Correct at time of publishing: 26/05/2023

Our phone insurance includes

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Instant phone protection

14-day Money Back Guarantee

Our Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Cover

We offer multiple insurance packages for the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra – with loss and theft as optional extras.

30 Years Experience in the Mobile Phone Insurance Market

By choosing to insure your iphone with MPID, you’ll benefit from over 30 years of experience across our dedicated, expert team. If you want to insure with a company who cares about your phone as much as you do, look no further, get your quote today.

We never outsource your claims

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Your phone is only covered for damage if it stops your device from functioning normally. We will cover cracked screens, but scratches, dents, and normal day-to-day wear and tear do not qualify for repair or replacement.

Absolutely! Mobile Phone Insurance Direct is a dedicated provider that specialises in offering direct insurance policies for mobile phones and tablets, directly to you, the consumer. As part of Pier Insurance Managed Services Ltd, located at Evolution House, New Garrison Road, Shoeburyness, Essex, SS3 9BF, we adhere to the regulations laid out by by the Financial Conduct Authority and are authorized and regulated by them (FCA registration no. 31179).

Furthermore, we are proud to have earned an Excellent rating on Trustpilot, showcasing our commitment to customer satisfaction. Countless customers have already placed their trust in us and have expressed their satisfaction with our services. We strive to maintain this level of excellence and ensure your peace of mind when choosing Mobile Phone Insurance Direct.

If your phone has vanished without a trace, our loss cover will make sure you’re not left out of pocket. At Mobile Phone Insurance Direct, we include loss as standard in our insurance packages.
Our specific policy wording states "Loss means that you are unable to account for your gadget whereabouts and are permanently deprived of its use after reasonable precautions have been taken to protect it and it has not been left unattended".

The cover of your mobile phone will apply to you as the person who purchased the mobile phone insurance policy and your immediate family. This includes your mother, father, son, daughter, husband, wife, partner, brother, sister, grandparent or grandchild that permanently live at your given address. It is possible for parents to insure their children’s phone on their behalf.

Once the claim has been agreed, we will try our hardest to replace your cherished device with the same make, model and colour, and send it to you as quickly as possible. If your device is no longer manufactured, we will provide the nearest comparable model in a speedy and efficient fashion.