Refurbished Devices: Everything You Need To Know

Explore eco-friendly, functional, and warrantied refurbished phones—affordable, pre-owned, and repaired devices with reduced prices.

What is a refurbished phone?

Refurbished phones are pre-owned devices that undergo repair and testing for optimal functionality. Sold at reduced prices, their condition may vary. Read product details and warranty info before purchasing.

Refurbished graded phone table

Grade A: Often labeled ‘Pristine’ or ‘Like New,’ these phones are almost brand new with minor defects rectified, ensuring high quality.

Grade B: Known as ‘Very Good,’ these phones show light signs of use but generally appear and feel nearly new.

Grade C: Referred to as ‘Good,’ these phones have moderate signs of use and visible scratches but offer significant cost savings.

Benefits of having a refurbished phone

Cost savings: Refurbished phones offer lower prices, providing a budget-friendly option for a reliable device.

Environmentally friendly: By choosing refurbished, you reduce electronic waste and minimize environmental impact.

Reliability and functionality: Thoroughly tested and repaired, refurbished phones work seamlessly for calls, texts, and apps.

Warranty and support: Many reputable sellers offer warranties and customer support for added peace of mind.

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What you will need to insure your phone

Proof of purchase: Present a valid invoice or receipt with purchase date, price, and device details.

VAT-registered company: Buy from VAT-registered sellers like Refured, Buy It Direct, Mint+.

Right Grade: Ensure the phone is at least Grade A for insurance coverage.

What is the difference between a new and refurbished phone?

When choosing between a new phone and a refurbished phone, it’s essential to consider the differences between the two. A new phone is brand new, unused, and comes with all original accessories, typically accompanied by a manufacturer’s warranty. On the other hand, a refurbished phone is a pre-owned device that has undergone repairs, restoration, and testing to ensure it functions properly. While refurbished phones may have minor cosmetic imperfections or signs of previous use, they offer the advantage of being priced lower than new devices.

However, it’s important to note that warranty coverage for refurbished phones may vary. New phones are widely available at their full retail price, while the availability of refurbished phones depends on the supply of pre-owned devices that have been refurbished. When making a decision, factors like personal preferences, budget constraints, and the importance of having a brand new device with comprehensive warranty coverage should be taken into account.